Terms - cash me app :

Terms of use - By subscribing to the win-win application you agree to the terms and conditions of the application management, and no user has the right to object to a judgment on a problem in any way. - If you work on the application and did not read these conditions, you will not accept any excuse. - The application I win in its pilot versions and if we do not see the success of the application we have the right to stop it at any time without notice. - We put an application to win me to get money from it through your views of ads and install applications and send you the profits of the application, We always seek and put what we see as profitable for us first and no one has the right to object to these terms and conditions... Reasons to stop your account Application cash me -We have the right to freeze, suspend and settle suspicious accounts due to illegal or inappropriate use of any kind. - Any tricks or manipulation of points may cause your points to be lost and your account may be blocked within the app. - Any gap you exploit without telling the management about the gap will be returned to your points to zero. - Register more than one phone account and one person displays all user accounts to stop. - Repeat more than one violation of the terms of application. Or frequent complaints of fraud may cause a ban to your account. - The proxy is prohibited and prevents its use for fraudulent methods - VPN is prohibited and may be caused by the suspension of your account if you use it frequently, or for the purpose of showing special offers to other countries. L- Recordings and random referrals will not be accepted, and if you find that more than three random spores are not active in your account, this may hurt your account or freeze your account. - There is a record that records your movements and source points within the application, and if the point source is not recognized and where you came from, your account will be blocked without warning. Add Offer Terms: - 10% of your points are deducted when you add a new offer. - Try to add a view accurately and see how to add offers, so as not to lose your points. - If you make a mistake and do not see the offer, you can contact us to fix the problem. - You can not conflict or request a refund if a mistake is made by you and we can not reach it within the application. - The display must be placed in the right place, otherwise, the presentation will be limited without the retrieval of points, for example:  If a game or an Android application is to be set as a peek-nym, then if a video link or a site is left, a blank peek should be left or the display will be dimmed.  - When you publish a post that will be published without waiting for approval, you should first try the offer if it is running. Blocked offers: - Offers that do not have links will not appear on the app. - The offers are forbidden and the points will not be retrieved and the account may be frozen or frozen. - Any offensive offer such as gambling, promotion of alcohol or anything not acceptable to the person is attended without the retrieval of points. - Offers that users complain to SIM are removed without warning and without retrieving points. - Offers that last for a period with a red icon to be removed Withdraw money points: - Clouds will be the first five days of each month. - If the user's status is activated with the minimum points reached, the money will be sent as soon as the next month - If more users than you in collecting points may not be able to withdraw when approaching the month entry and be based on the profits of the application, Otherwise you have to collect more points to be able to draw in the next month. - The withdrawal request fee will be on the user's account, if the deductions are available according to your area or your bank account. - 65% of all win-win earnings are sent to all users with the highest score in the first order. - The money will be sent to them on a daily basis on an application page and will increase according to the increase in the profits of a profit application. - We are entitled to access the records of the first members and to identify suspicious users daily without notice. - In case of problems during payment through PayPal or any other payment method will continue technical support with the user, to protect the user from fraud and theft. - In the event that we have a problem in our accounts that are sent may be delayed, and we have the right not to send if we lost our money. - The points are actually fixed and equal to $ 1 per 1000 points. - But if the withdrawal requests are more and many people reached a thousand points, the points will be counted cash me.store